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Introducing Worldy Girlies!

Who are we? 

We are Keri & Nicola and we LOVE to travel. To say that we are travel enthusiasts would be a gross understatement, we are travel addicts often planning our own travels a least two adventures in advance. Needless to say our day job (co-owners of Finisterra Travel) helps us to fuel our obsession. Not a day goes by where we don’t squeal with excitement over the possibility of exploring a new destination. Our mutual travel obsession, an insatiable curiosity about the world, and passion for sustainable travel are what really bonds us. 

What are we about?

We do our best to tread lightly in the destinations we visit whether we are travelling alone or with a group. Our philosophy is to travel responsibly for the long-term benefit of the local people, the travellers, and for the environment. 

During our world travels, we've experienced the many sides of tourism from the good to the bad to the truly heartbreaking. We are aware that there are many troubling issues around the globe, but one of the most obvious is the disturbing plethora of plastics discarded everywhere. Literally everywhere. From the stunning coastlines of Bali where we snorkelled beside fish gobbling down plastics to charming villages, we hiked through in the Andes where plastic bottles cascade down into the rivers below. It is heartbreaking to witness and heartbreaking to know that those plastics will still be on our planet for hundreds of years to come. 

Did you know that 50% of all plastic produced is for single-use? Used for mere moments than discarded. We know that we can’t rid the world of plastics, but we can educate our travellers about the evils of single-use plastics and offer them more sustainable options. 


Why we created Worldly Girlies

These are basically the reasons why we created Worldly Girlies Travel Essentials. We wanted to showcase our favourite sustainable travel products and encourage our travellers to use reusable, plastic-free products. Products we love, products we actually use, and products that we believe in. 


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